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Star Stryder

Imagineering a new reality without abuse

14 Oct 2015, 01:26 UTC
Imagineering a new reality without abuse
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Friday was one of those days that started out entirely normal and ended in a total paradigm shift. It was the day Geoff Marcy’s wrong doing woke us all up, and it as the day Chris Ford helped me see what “right doing” can look like.
As I am so often, I was traveling. In this case, I’d flown to San Fransisco for a board meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. This is a board I sit on with many astronomers and astronomy supporters who I deeply respect and who are in their different ways working to promote engagement in science by diverse audiences. Like also happens so very often, Friday was a day when my social media stream was exploding with news of a prominent scientist who had done a thing (or in this case, many things, see Buzzfeed, Mahalo.ne.trash , Skepchick) negative to the careers and well-being of women. It was just another day of suck, and of trying hard to make it suck less.
This is perhaps the ultimate of diminished expectations, and I have to admit, there are days – days like Friday – when even this seems like an unrealistically lofty goal.
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