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Star Stryder


11 Oct 2015, 21:21 UTC
(200 words excerpt, click title or image to see full post)

Despite being a mistake.
Despite being defective. Despite the moving. Despite the bullies. Despite the dyslexia. Despite being a latch-key kid. Despite being a girl. Despite the teachers who belittled. Despite health problems. Despite being a Tom Boy. Despite that attempted rape. Despite the abuse. Despite the guidance councilor who said no one cares what happens to a white, middle-class honors student girl. Despite going to public schools. Despite the lack of scholarships. Despite working in college. Despite that summer with no where to live. Despite health problems. Despite being a girl. Despite the TA who kept getting too close. Despite the professor who was always too close. Despite the biased tests. Despite having to choose between working for the serial harasser or the known misogynist. Despite the bullies. Despite the harassment. Despite not being one of the boys. Despite spending too much time trying to help the ailing friend instead of focusing on her research. Despite the unhealthy environment. Despite health problems. Despite leaving the field for a year. Despite starting over. Despite the lack of mentoring. Despite being told her female intern will be fired unless that complaint about how the student was harassed is dropped. Despite the ...

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