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The Original Rocket Dungeon


4 Oct 2015, 19:35 UTC
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I'll preface this post by noting that the Coleoptere/Stovepipe/Coccinellida build has officially stalled. It will be on the back burner until I run across another ring tail option.My latest project was inspired by the Estes MIRV. After the third sustainer from my Estes MIRV was recovered from the soy beans, I set a plan to launch the sustainers off a standard rod. Then this popped into my head: If a finless, induction stabilized rocket is fun, maybe a cluster would be even more fun. I don't know why I am so obsessed with a class of rockets that run such a high risk of being single use. Maybe the same reason I used to like 29mm 'Machbuster' style rockets, which were usually single use but for another reason.The build is underway and, for lack of photos, I offer a 3D rendering from a 'what-if' Rocksim model.As mentioned, this is induction stabilized but I didn't bother segmenting the body tube so I could make an intermediate section transparent. The body tubes are 18" BT-60s. there will be an air gap (not finalized) and a set of 3.5" induction tubes, The nose cones are plastic Easter Eggs that happen to fit the ...

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