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Frontier Fields

New Interactive Explorer for Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744

28 Sep 2015, 20:09 UTC
New Interactive Explorer for Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744
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The high-resolution images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope for the Frontier Fields survey have yielded a treasure trove of insights into very distant galaxy clusters. In addition to providing astronomers with unparalleled views of galaxies that Hubble would not otherwise be able to see, the high-resolution images are providing views of distant corners of the universe that are similar to the famous Hubble Deep Fields.
To give you some idea of just how detailed and rich the Frontier Field images are, an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute has created this interactive viewer to explore them yourself:
Click here to explore the Abell 2744 yourself:
Abell 2744 Viewer
To help you use and navigate the viewer, we’ve created a short video to help familiarize you with the interface and controls. Over time, we’ll be adding more of the Frontier Fields clusters, so be sure to check back for updates.

For more information about Abell 2744, check out the “Meet the Frontier Fields” section of this blog.
For more information about how Hubble is simultaneously observing the galaxy cluster fields and parallel fields, check out this post.
For more information on measuring cosmological distances and redshift, check out this ...

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