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Women in Astronomy

Midterm Exam for Faculty Members

28 Sep 2015, 19:11 UTC
Midterm Exam for Faculty Members
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Astronomy 501: Departmental Methods for Faculty (Fall Semester)Mid-term Exam.You have 50 minutes. Answer all questions. Show your work to maximize partial credit.Question 1: You are a faculty member in top US astronomy department and serving on a search committee for an assistant professor. Which of the two candidates below gets your vote for the job?Candidate A is a father who has 10 first author papers and has appeared frequently at international conferences to give invited reviews. He completed his PhD 2 years ago.Candidate B is a mother who has 8 first author papers and currently travels only rarely to give talks. She completed her PhD 3 years ago.Explain your decision using the standard metrics of academic success, and present a compelling case for your candidate.Bonus: Imagine you are an untenured professor and a woman. Explain how your decision about which arguments you present to your senior colleagues on the committee is unaffected by your gender and junior status.Question 2: You are a faculty member in a top US astronomy department that has a reputation for not tenuring the majority of its junior faculty. In the past 10 years, your department has made 10 job offers at the assistant professorship level. ...

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