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What's the news on Martian methane?

23 Sep 2015, 20:11 UTC
What's the news on Martian methane?
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Indian space agency to reveal data on Martian methane:For some reason I don't hear much about the Indian space agency's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), but a few photos have trickled down to me (here). However, any information on the mysterious source of the methane in the Martian atmosphere should make a bit more of a splash.....Above: one of the images MOM has returned. Image courtesy of the Indian Space Research Organisation.Alan Stern hints at 'landscapes unlike anything seen on any other world' on Pluto:Alan Stern, principle investigator on the New Horizons mission, likes to tease us. Midweek he gave a very informative Q and A session on the mission and its findings to date. But he also dropped the enigmatic promise that we would shortly see 'landscapes unlike anything on any other world' from Pluto. So stay tuned! Above: Sunset over Pluto illuminates the haze layers in its atmosphere. Courtesy of NASAA new look at Io through re-processed Voyager images:There's a website called unmannedspaceflight.com, where imaging buffs like to hang out and use their skills to wring even more data from the blurred or damaged images sent back to us by our robotic probes. One in particular has caught my ...

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