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Again one year gone

4 Jan 2010, 16:19 UTC
Again one year gone
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Happy New Year to everyone! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta! It is a bit more than one year since I wrote my first ever blog entry. Now 50 entries later the IYA2009 has ended and with it also the year 2009. What happened during the last year? What is the same and what has changed?

I am still working at the European Southern Observatory, but there is only 9 months left of my contract. During 2009 I have published or submitted two papers as the first author, two as the second author and 3 as some later author. I have been on 47 flights and spent 51 nights/days at the Paranal observatory. I have gotten new astronomical observations from observatories in France, Spain and Chile. So, all in all it has been quite a successful year professionally. The only negative point is that I have not yet managed to find my next job, but at least I still have nine months time to do that…
Then some more personal things. I have gotten older. And naturally my family has also gotten older. Just in the end of December my younger child turned 6, which makes me feel old… Personal highlights of the ...

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