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Launch Report 2015-8 (MDRA)

20 Sep 2015, 00:14 UTC
Launch Report 2015-8  (MDRA)
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Location: Central Sod Farm (MDRA ESL-207)Weather: mid 80's, a little windy, sunnyTotal flights: Today - 5; YTD - 58Total motors: Today - 12; YTD - 69Motors by class YTD: MMX-2; A-3; B-3; C-16; D-6; E-11; F-19; G-7; H-2Water rocket flights (not included in the totals above): 6The weather was pretty nice. There was more wind than I would have liked but it was across the field so most rockets stayed out of the beans and trees. There was an 'M' and an 'N' flight - something you don't often see at the sod farm. Both were 100+ lb, very large rockets so the altitude on each was low. I have photos and videos in the album linked below. I had my share of problems, including a wind-mangled easy-up. I can only blame myself.My Flights:Standard Cray-ARM on an H550-10 - This was very fast flight to 1944 feet.Archer downscale on an F59-6 - This was a great flight too. Glad I used an F vs. a G given the wind.F-Bomb on 3 x F15 and 2 x D12 - All 7 motors went...it was never seen again.Saturn V, SA-667 on an F44-4 - The Saturn was completely stable but I only got ...

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