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The Original Rocket Dungeon


18 Sep 2015, 15:11 UTC
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I lopped the top off my paper mache round box and then hit a wall. I didn't think about the weight of the box when I bought it. Before cutting up my Super Alpha fins, I plugged the size and mass into RockSim to get a rough idea of the design. With the design configured as I would like it, it looks like it would need a lot of nose weight or supersized fins on the ring tail. I don't like those options either so I have to regroup.I have also made no progress on how to make an induction tube. Attaching it to the retainer looks difficult. I guess I could attach it directly to the ring tail and make a removable assembly like I did on the last Saturn V. That wouldn't be a bad idea and that would also provide access to get the motor in and out. That's going to add even more aft weight than to the rough RockSim.This rocket may not happen. If it doesn't, I'll have a nice 24mm Super Alpha!Harumph!

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