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Closing the year of astronomy, closing the cycle

2 Jan 2010, 22:29 UTC
Closing the year of astronomy, closing the cycle
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The International Year of Astronomy (IYA) is ending. The smooth and quiet rain in Vitoria, the one I miss so much in Madrid, or maybe the calm of these days make me relax and forget about trips, projects… I am in the mood to look back into this last hectic year. Should I have to define the IYA I would use two words: popular and international.
This year has been lived in the streets. Schools, Town Halls, Musei of every kind and shape have got deeply involved in telling stories about what can be found at the other side of the frontier, in the outer space. Amateur astronomers have behave as a scientific non-profit organization. Listening to them, the passionate description of the unknown, the fascination for the orders of magnitud, the need, the quest for other species to share with the knowledge and the nature shines in them. It is this passion that drives people emotions though there is always a fascination for “home cooked” technology. They transmit in a brilliant manner the feeling… “there is something worth exploring out there, and you can reach it, the Universe is in your hands”. Somewhat they are story tellers, in a ...

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