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Bright Sungrazing Comet

2 Jan 2010, 20:55 UTC
Bright Sungrazing Comet
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Australian amateur astronomer Alan Watson discovered on December 30, 2009 a bright sungrazing comet in the images taken by STEREO-A spacecraft.A sungrazing comet is a comet that passes extremely close to the Sun at perihelion. While small sungrazers can be completely evaporated during such a close approach to the Sun, larger sungrazers can survive many perihelion passages.The comet is now visible in the images taken by LASCO C3 camera of SOHO spacecraft: C3 Movie:Spaceweather image with labels:Latest real-time C3 images:http://bit.ly/7k22TrAccording to a message by Wentao Xu on comets-ml mailing list, the comet has now reached magnitude 4.By Ernesto Guido

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