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Blood Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse September 2015

8 Sep 2015, 21:18 UTC
Blood Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse September 2015
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Blood Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse, September 2015
September Lunar Eclipse (Illustration) Credit: Meteorwatch
This September, the Earth will be hit by massive asteroids, fried by solar flares, experience tsunamis, and lots of other horrid end of the world things from the Bible. All caused by a total lunar eclipse or “Blood Moon” for those who like drama and prophesies and stuff! #omgweareallgoingtodie
To be serious though, the world isn’t going to end and there is more chance of winning the lottery. So please read on to find out more about this fabulous Lunar Eclipse/ Blood Moon which occurs late September, without all the end of the world nonsense.
What is a Blood Moon/ Total Lunar Eclipse?
Lunar eclipses aren’t to be confused with solar eclipses, both involve the Moon.
A solar eclipse is where the Moon passes between the Earth and the sun blocking it’s light – turning day to night with the Moon’s shadow.
Every once in a while and more commonly, the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun creating a Lunar Eclipse.
What we see from Earth is the Moon slowly darkening and changing colour over a few hours to orange or a deep red. ...

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