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Women in Astronomy

When Misogyny is a Symptom of Narcissism

31 Aug 2015, 11:00 UTC
When Misogyny is a Symptom of Narcissism
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 Today's guest blogger is Anonymous. Anonymous has a PhD in chemistry and recently completed a postdoc at an unnamed national lab. She is leaving science after realizing that her interests lie elsewhere, but it’s all good. She’s interested in community organizing, the bugs in our neural programming, and the ways we transform our painful experiences into growth and value.We hadn’t been friends for very long. In retrospect, a few warning signs had been quietly visible, but I generally don’t go into friendships expecting toxic behavior. Which is why it surprised me when, over lunch, he explained to me how I’d gotten into college.“Maybe it’s because you’re a female.”Surprise and anger rose inside of me, but since we were friends, I decided to reply very carefully. “What do you mean by that?”“I’m saying that soooometimes, women and minorities are held to a lower standard in admissions.”I paused as various options flickered through my brain. What to say to this? Well, we were friends and my policy with friends was to be straightforward about my feelings, so I told him that what he’d said was hurtful and unacceptable in our relationship. He immediately interrupted with a monologue: just being honest, intentions were ...

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