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The Closing of IYA 2009 & All Good Things

31 Dec 2009, 09:48 UTC
The Closing of IYA 2009 & All Good Things
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When will the IYA 2009 closed? If one consider the IYA 2009 is merely a celebration, there should be a closing date. But, what is IYA 2009 anyway? Celebration of 400 years of Telescope? 5000 years of astronomy? Indeed, the IYA 2009 is a commemoration of humanities in their endeavor through the universe, space & time.
For myself, the celebration was closed during my last ‘winter solstice expedition’, simply, because the ‘time’ has particular information in astronomy. This expedition was actually my day off, after a long year of working. Time to took off from the cities, and return to rural life. Together with my good friends, i visit the Borobudur during winter equinox. Nothing important, & got nothing to do with astronomy, Borobudur is always an exotic place to visit, besides, affordable.
During the expedition, indeed we enjoy assortments of various enjoyment, from culinary to the village exploration. Afterall, it’s a long holiday for me. Nonetheless, during the break, we also discuss about astronomy in our own perspective. (I am still writing the travelogue).
In short, what we have learnt can be summarized here:
1. Objectivity & Being reasonable. Why we (human) learn astronomy in the first place? Maybe ...

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