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Star Stryder

#DragonCon 2015

28 Aug 2015, 20:04 UTC
#DragonCon 2015
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4-7 Sept 2015 [website]This time next week I will be at the nerd festival that is Dragon*Con. Please feel encouraged to join me and some of my closest friends (and about 60,000 strangers) for 4 days of science, science fiction, and fantasy. There are only 4 real rules: each day you need 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower (and to wait in a lot of lines, including lines to exit and enter buildings).
Prologue of Random
This is a weird year for me. Since 2008, every time I’ve gone to Dragon*Con I’ve been responsible for some sort of a booth. This year, given budget cuts, I’m going to Dragon*Con without a project team, and there will be no table. This is… odd. It also means that for a first in many years, I’ll be free to go to things and hangout, and I won’t be worried about what trouble my college students may be getting into (yes, they are responsible adults, but they are also responsible adults who I need to be useful adults). Bottomline: this year at Dragon*Con, my only responsibility is not forgetting to give my own talks. Oh, and I also need to remember ...

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