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Astronomer to Data Scientist, Three Years Later

26 Aug 2015, 18:16 UTC
Astronomer to Data Scientist, Three Years Later
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In August 2012, I began my first job as a data scientist. I handed my completed dissertation to my committee on a Friday and the following Monday I started work. Leaving academia (and astronomy) was not an easy decision for me. I remember starting that first day thinking: "Well... if this doesn't work out, I guess I'll reapply for post-docs again for next year." It ended up working out better than I could have imagined. I wrote several posts about my transition during my first year working as a data scientist, but I thought I'd reflect and talk about what it has been like working as a data scientist, now that I am further along in my career.Much of what I said in my post Astronomy vs Data Science continues to hold true today, and so below I will simply add some new perspectives I have now that I have a bit more experience in the field. The PaceMy job continues to be very interesting and challenging.  I am always learning new things and working on new problems. The pace of projects is much faster than research (days/weeks instead of months/years).  This means that I can't dive as deeply into problems ...

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