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The SEP in Astronomy

19 Aug 2015, 19:00 UTC
The SEP in Astronomy
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In his 1982 novel Life, the Universe, and Everything, Douglas Adams described the SEP.The following is a thinly veiled transmutation of his text.________________________________________________________________________________“I think,” said the First Astronomer, “that there’s an SEP at work in our field.”He pointed. Curiously enough, the direction he pointed in was not the one in which he was looking.“A what?” said the Second Astronomer.“An SEP.”“An S ...?””... EP.”“And what’s that?”“Somebody Else’s Problem.”“Ah, good,” said the Second and relaxed. He had no idea what all that was about, but at least it seemed to be over. It wasn’t.“Over there,” said the First, again pointing in one direction and looking in another.“Where?” said the Second.“There!” said the First.“I see,” said the Second, who didn’t.“You do?” said the First.  “Can you see the SEP?”“I thought you said that was somebody else’s problem.”“That’s right.”The Second Astronomer nodded slowly, carefully and with an air of immense stupidity.“I want to know,” said the First, “if you can see it.”The Second Astronomer experienced that dull throbbing sensation just behind the temples which was a hallmark of so many of his conversations with the First. His brain lurked like a frightened puppy in its kennel. The First Astronomer took him by the arm.“An SEP,” ...

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