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Sky Caramba

August 2015 astronomy events

26 Jul 2015, 00:00 UTC
August 2015 astronomy events
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¡SkyCaramba! weekly astronomy blog for the week ending August 1, 2015
Jupiter and Venus have been close together since their very close conjunction at the end of June. They’re heading into the sunset as August starts. They’re somewhat hard to see already from northern middle and high latitudes, but those near and south of the equator can see them easily. As Jupiter moves toward Regulus, Venus moves away from it. But Mercury is moving toward Regulus, too. Mercury, Jupiter, and Regulus will be within a degree of each other on the 7th. That will provide the first of two good opportunities to see Mercury this month.

The second chance to see the messenger planet is on the 16th. A two day old crescent moon passes it.
Venus and Mercury both go through aphelion this month. Venus does so on the 8th and Mercury on the 29th.
Around the middle of the month, Venus will pass between Earth and the sun. Then it will reemerge before sunrise by the end of the month. Jupiter will go through conjunction on the other side of the sun this month, but it won’t emerge quite as much by month’s end.
Saturn stays between Libra ...

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