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Science Café in Nagoya

24 Dec 2009, 11:57 UTC
Science Café in Nagoya
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Party at Science Café in Nagoya
A new Italian restaurant “Galilaus Galilaei” opened in this year at Nagoya Lucent Tower, just a few minutes walk from Nagoya Station. This restaurant serves excellent Italian cuisine and scientific atmosphere, and became the first full-time science cafe, at least in this country. On every Sunday afternoons, they invite scientists and host a science café. I was invited on December 20 as the last lecturer of this year, and talked on “The Universe as viewed from space”. According to the organizer, there were a lot of people who could not join us because of the limited capacity of the room (50 may be the maximum for science café). I felt very sorry to those who could not take part in. Soon after, a party cerebrating the success of this year’s events, and the participants and some of the distinguished lecturers in this year, like Dr. Iijima, the discoverer of carbon nanotube, and Dr. Kaifu, the chairman of IYA2009 Japan Committee, gathered to enjoy chatting.

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