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Women in Astronomy


23 Jul 2015, 05:22 UTC
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The below is a guest post by Dr. Sarah Tuttle, a research associate at McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the instrument scientist for VIRUS, a massively replicated spectrograph being built for HETDEX (Hobby Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment).Background: Campus Reform is a news organization website connected to the Conservative right “Leadership Institute”.  They describe themselves as a “watchdog to the nation’s higher education system”, exposing “liberal bias and abuses at universities” (from their author bios). They have aggregated a collection of tweets by an astrophysicist discussing the prevalence of systemic racism and the issues of white supremacy in our society which has led to personal attacks against her.Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is the MLK Postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Kavli Institute. As a theoretical astrophysicist she studies a wide range of topics in cosmology and particle astrophysics, including axions, quantum gravity, and inflation. She did her undergraduate work at Harvard, and will be beginning her next postdoc at the University of Washington next year.She also speaks out against the oppressive systemic racism she has encountered throughout her career. She is a passionate activist and speaks truth to power. She upholds a proud history (or perhaps ...

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