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Where is the Roman Watch Tower?

23 Dec 2009, 14:28 UTC
Where is the Roman Watch Tower?
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The relics of the Roman Forum in Zuglio (Julium Carnicum)
It is almost time to leave for Xmas vacations. Finishing up a few things and getting ready to leave to Italy. There are many aspects that make these holidays appealing. Among those, is an archaeological exploration foreseen for the first sunny day between X-mas and new year’s eve. This story begins a couple of years ago, when I studied the orientation of the ancient church of St. Peter above Zuglio (the Roman town Julium Carnicum). While reading the related literature I realized that, at the times of Romans, this and other similar sites (all on mountain tops), were used as sight stations, to visually communicate the arrival of possible invaders (by means of smoke in daytime and fire during the night) to the large town of Aquileia. This town had been founded in 181 b.C. to prevent the invasions by barbaric tribes from the NE of the Italic peninsula (ad Illyricos objecta montes), which has a rather easy to cross border. One of the possible ways to trespass the Roman limes was a narrow pass, today known as Plockenpass. But from there all the way to Aquileia (about 80 km ...

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