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Destroying the One Ring in Space

25 Mar 2015, 13:23 UTC
Destroying the One Ring in Space
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I was asked by Larry, one of my students, about what would be the best place in the solar system to destroy the One Ring. Since the 25th of March is the anniversary of its destruction and the fall of Sauron I thought I’d dedicate this vlog to answering the question as seriously and as accurately as possible.
The one ring is described as being made of gold. Since it has the ability to withstand impacts, let’s assume is made of a strong gold alloy. A gold platinum alloy has a great tensile strength and a melting point of 1370K[1]. Pre-industrial forges were able to reach 1250K, enough for the forging of iron but not enough for melting gold rings. So far so good.
The council of Elrond voted in favour of destroying the ring by using the heat of a volcano, one of the only volcanoes known in Middle Earth. We have many volcanoes on Earth but very few reach the right temperature. A good fraction of active volcanoes on Earth are not hot enough to reach the forging temperature of gold (60% of the melting temperature) let alone being able to liquefy the ring of power. The magma ...

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