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Exploding Galaxies and other Catastrophysics

Blobs in Space!

9 Jul 2015, 12:53 UTC
Blobs in Space!
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Interesting times, but not much time to comment on them.The Sun is doing it's thing as always. Not much too special to talk about today. For more data go to http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/ AIA 211 Angstrom band is red, AIA 193 Angstrom band is green, and AIA 171 is blue In our back yard the robotic missions to Minor Planets Ceres and Pluto are really getting interesting.Dwarf planet Ceres as seen by NASA's DAWN missionNASA's DAWN mission to Ceres is continuing its second mapping orbit. The CERES Image Of The Day website is worth looking at every now and again. The image on the right was taken on Feb. 19, 2015 from a distance of nearly 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers) from Ceres.Fun Ceres facts: It is about 590 miles across, and accounts for about 25% of the entire asteroid belt's mass. Yet it is less than 1/14th of the mass of Plute, the other dwarf planet of note at the moment.It is amazing to finally see non-deconvolved images of Pluto that actually look like something other than a blurry blob. [Read more at Space.com] Original images from JHU Applied Physics Lab.New Horizon's image of Pluto and Charon taken on 06/29/2015 at a ...

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