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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

PseudoScience and Models

6 Jul 2015, 23:36 UTC
PseudoScience and Models
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With the recent Electric Universe 'conference' in Phoenix AZ, I just had to do a little browse over to the Thunderbolts forum to see if there were any interesting threads related to it.While not directly related to the conference, there was one interesting recent thread, started by user Metryq, that died a quick death.Thunderbolts Forum: Space Sim with EU?There are many space sim/planetarium apps to choose from. Some are "Earth-bound" while others allow one to tour the Solar system, or farther. Many of these apps are like interactive textbooks, delivering only the mainstream view of astronomy.Some apps, like Celestia (which seems to have fallen out of development), permit mods and add-ons and interactive lessons. Is anyone aware of an app that includes EU material, or perhaps a multi-platform app that would accept an EU mod/lessons? Thunderbolts is promoting EU extremely well, but a space sim might be one more avenue to explore.The short answer for Metryq is that there are many simulations involving electric fields in space. But those simulations just don't demonstrate what Electric Universe supporters claim they would show. Because if they did, this could have been done a LONG time ago. Computing power is more than up ...

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