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Saturn V SA-666, from the top down

5 Jul 2015, 18:03 UTC
Saturn V SA-666, from the top down
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Well, after seeing Daddyisabar's post on his attempt at an induction stabilized rocket, the gears started turning. Unfortunately, the belts were also slipping a bit so this crazy rocket is what popped out. First, the name. 'Saturn V' because it is based on the AlaskaPaperModelWorks Saturn-V plans. 'SA' comes from the Saturn designations. You can guess the rest :)The basic concept is a Saturn V with the gap section removed and the 2nd-3rd stage transition turned into ductwork.  It has small fins, which may be cheating. The concept sounded easy until I started gathering all the scrap parts to make it work. It grew from a light paper rocket to something heavier. I am still contemplating what engine to use. I'm also waiting to see the results of the next test flight of the inductor. I might go big with a G74, or I may make this a shelf model. I never build flying models that are never intended to fly. This one was intended to fly but I don't want to waste a motor just to kill it if the probability of success approaches zero.Here it is with just a touch-up or three required.The build was real-time and somewhat ...

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