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Star Stryder

Doing more with #scicomm

24 Jun 2015, 07:33 UTC
Doing more with #scicomm
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Sometimes a confluence of events puts you in a position to think through how you can make what you do more meaningful. For me that confluence of events came last week when I sat down to prepare my presentation for the MAVEN New Media Workshop. I was slated to discuss “Doing Science Out Loud,” and as I opened Keynote in a window wedged beside a Twitter feed that twisted with far too many shame spirals toward hate, I realized that in articulating “Doing Science Out Loud” I needed to stress the importance of acknowledging the humans that are behind science. It isn’t enough to talk facts and figures. We need to talk jobs, dreams, and sometimes tears. My audience at that talk was filed with awesome humans, but it was a small gathering, and in hopes that maybe my words can help more people make better #scicomm, I’m posting my talk and my slides here.

Originally presented June 21, 2015
by John Schultz
I feel like I should say “and now for something entirely different.” This talk is not on science or spacecraft. Not one molecule will get mention in this presentation. For this last talk of the ...

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