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Women in Astronomy

Confronting my Own Racism

22 Jun 2015, 18:13 UTC
Confronting my Own Racism
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I'm a white woman, and I've spent most of my life not thinking about race. Not in a "we live in a post-racial-America" type of way, but just that on an everyday-level it didn't really come up that much.  Of course when something overtly racist happened, I would notice and be upset by it.  I knew that people of color (POC) are underrepresented in STEM, I thought this was a bad thing, and I wanted to increase the number of underrepresented minorities (URM) in Astronomy and Physics. But overall, race and racism was an occasionally thought that would briefly come to my mind, and then quickly leave. Source: Washington Post Then some incredibly powerful events happened this past year which have opened my eyes and very much changed my perspective:I wrote a blog post for WiA that (among other things) was racist. I got called out on this, and I was incredibly ashamed and embarrassed.Fellow CSWA member and WiA blogger John Johnson​ challenged me to read Seeing White, where I learned a lot about white privilege and systematic racism in America.A Facebook Group (which I moderate) started having intense conversations about race where I was continually challenged to confront the various ways ...

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