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Beginnings of the Women's Reights Movement

15 Jun 2015, 13:30 UTC
Beginnings of the Women's Reights Movement
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The history of the women's rights movement in the US is interesting and I will have a couple of blogs on this topic. You my have heard of the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention which is often listed as the first significant event in the feminist movement in the US. Here is what led up to the meeting and what came to pass there.I believe there were two key developments in the mid-1800's that led to Seneca Falls, namely the abolitionist movement and steady pressure from the Quakers. The Quakers, or Religious Society of Friends, were founded in the 1600's in England and had a fundamental belief in the dignity of all people. They were persecuted in England, but flourished in the US. Although many Quakers owned slaves through the 1700's, there were early members who spoke out against the practice. The message slowly got through and by the late 1700's most northern states had outlawed the practice. Many of the notable meetings and events in the US abolitionist movement were organized or motivated by Quakers.By 1830, society was in an upheaval in the US. This period in American history has some similarities to the 1960's. Many people were questioning past ...

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