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Addressing Career Breaks Head-on in CVs and Cover Letters

3 Jun 2015, 18:01 UTC
Addressing Career Breaks Head-on in CVs and Cover Letters
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Emily Nicholson, an Australian ecologist, has written a fascinating 1-pager at Science Magazine about addressing career breaks head-on in your CV and cover letter when applying for jobs and grants. She writes:My early job applications—using a standard CV that mentioned my maternity leaves only in passing... didn’t get so much as an interview... Then, with mentoring and advice from colleagues and friends, I reshaped my CV to account for the time I’d spent raising my family. I put my career breaks front and center, and I reported my productivity metrics to account for my time away from work. The result: My first application after I made the adjustments yielded a tenured position...Reframing my track record undoubtedly helped. Here’s how I did it. Her approach was to: Get the dataDo the mathWrite about career interruptions up front and in a positive wayFirst she calculated how many years of full-time work she'd done, taking into account maternity leave time-off and part-time work while having and raising three children. She then calculated her effort had she not had career breaks; e.g., she'd worked 55% of the time in the 6 years since her first son was born and had 23 publications, equivalent to about 42 ...

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