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Launch Report 2015-2 (solo water rocket)

6 May 2015, 19:01 UTC
Launch Report 2015-2 (solo water rocket)
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Location: MoCo Agricultural History Farm ParkWeather: calm, hazy, 80 degreesTotal flights: Today - 0; YTD - 12Total motors: Today - 0; YTD - 12Motors by class YTD: MMX-2; C-5; E-3; F-2Water rocket flights (not in totals above): 6After seeing a post by Chris Michielssen, I decided it was time to fly a few water rockets. My first launch site choice was full of workers. The second was full of toddlers. Then I remembered the Agricultural History Farm Park. Plenty of room and hardly any car traffic. It is perfect!Due to a brain fart, I didn't use enough water the first two flights, although that didn't make much of a difference.Flights:AquaShuttle 400mL @ 80 psi - The flight was successful despite it's low altitude. While it was low, it wasn't slow - one of the pressure fit fin units came out under boost.Un-named 2L backslider 400mL @ 90 psi - This is set up to have water ballast, although I didn't use any. This was just fine as it is stable without it. I really winged the backsliding analysis and, as a result, it came in nose first and fast. Stubby backsliders are harder than long ones.FTC-1 400mL @ 90 psi - This is a nice flier and comes down parallel to ...

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