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Ask an Astronomer

Dream Job Questionnaire

4 May 2015, 00:29 UTC
Dream Job Questionnaire
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Question: Hello. For school, I have to interview a person with my dream job and I would be very grateful if you could answer some of my interview questions. – Leo
Q1: What events in your life inspired you to become an astronomer?
I have always had an interest in science. I am not sure what influenced my decision to pursue a career in astronomy, but I have also always been interested in astronomy. I did also have very good science teachers in elementary and high school, so I believe that they were very influential in my career path.
Q2: How does the typical work day as an astronomer look like?
The great thing about astronomy is that it is rarely typical. I have quite a wide range of tasks that I can work on during any given day. Most of them involve solving astrophysical problems or working on keeping the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s facilities running well. All of them are interesting, though.
Q3: What college majors and degrees did you take to become an astronomer?
I have three degrees in astronomy. Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate.
Q4: What is the history of this occupation?
I think that astronomy must ...

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