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Women in Astronomy

I was wrong and I am sorry

29 Apr 2015, 16:55 UTC
I was wrong and I am sorry
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I was wrong.I made a mistake.I messed up.Why are these phrases so hard for us to say?I used to think that admitting any of the above was the worst thing I could possibly do.  It triggered all sorts of shame, fear, and impostor feelings.  If I didn't do everything perfectly -- the first time -- there was something wrong with me.  If people knew there was something wrong with me, then they would know I was a fake and didn't deserve to be here.  So when someone pointed out to me that I had done something wrong, my first reaction was to be defensive, make justifications, deny the mistake or wrong-doing.  I acted this way because of some warped belief that it would make me look better and feel better about the situation.  It did neither.I am an admin for a group on Facebook which discusses issues of equity and inclusion in physics and astronomy. Through my work in this group I regularly engage in complex conversations about race, [dis]ability, LGBTQIA+ status, size, nationality, class, age, and gender.  My primary purpose for having these conversations is to try to learn how to be a better ally and supporter of those who are members of ...

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