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Sky Caramba

May 2015 astronomy events

26 Apr 2015, 00:00 UTC
May 2015 astronomy events
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A nearly full moon is near Spica at the start of May 2015. The moon passes the star on the 2nd, becomes full on the 4th, and is next to Saturn on the 5th. Last quarter is on the 11th. The moon passes in front of Uranus on the 15th. A new moon passes near Mars on the 18th, but the red planet is very difficult to pick out in the glow after sunset. Try to find the thin crescent near Mercury and Aldebaran the next evening. A thicker crescent is near Venus on the 21st. A first quarter moon is by Regulus on the 25th. And a waxing gibbous moon is near Spica again on the 29th.
That lunar occultation of Uranus on the 15th is a daytime event for parts of South America. If you can be on a boat in the Pacific Ocean west of Chile or Peru, you can see it at night.
Some people in very far northern North America may be able to see the moon pass in front of Aldebaran on the 19th.
For viewers on the Arabian peninsula, an asteroid named 1669 Dagmar occults Regulus on the 24th at about 16:47 UT. ...

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