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Two Eccentric Giant Planets around a Sun-Like Star

21 Apr 2015, 22:00 UTC
Two Eccentric Giant Planets around a Sun-Like Star
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L. Mancini et al. (2015) report on the discovery of KOI-372, a planetary system consisting of two giant planets on wide and eccentric orbits around a Sun-like star. The two giant planets are identified as KOI-372 b and KOI-372 c, with the suffixes “b” and “c” indicating their planetary nature. KOI-372 b is a transiting giant planet that was first detected by NASA’s Kepler space telescope. Follow-up radial velocity measurements were then made using a ground-based telescope to determine the mass of KOI-372 b. The radial velocity measurements and observations by Kepler indicate that KOI-372 b is a dense Jupiter-like planet with 3.25 ± 0.20 times the mass and 0.882 ± 0.088 times the diameter of Jupiter.Figure 1: Artist’s impression of a giant planet with a hypothetical moon in orbit around it.KOI-372 b orbits its host star every 125.6 days in a fairly elongated orbit. The orbit of KOI-372 b brings the planet as close as 61 million km (0.41 AU) from its host star and out as far as 87 million km (0.58 AU). KOI-372 b is just interior to the habitable zone around its host star and any large Earth-size moon around KOI-372 b will be too hot ...

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