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Some Professors are More Biased Than Others

20 Apr 2015, 13:30 UTC
Some Professors are More Biased Than Others
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Motivated by a New York Times article, I looked up a paper in the Journal of Psychology about a study done to assess bias in university professors. The results were based on a large blind audit of professors in various fields and were remarkable. In all fields except the humanities, professors systematically replied to correspondence from professors than students with white male names differently than students with female names or names suggesting non-white race.The study was performed by Katherine L. Milkman (U. Penn), Modupe Akinola (Columbia) and Dolly Chugh (NYU) and published on-line this year. E-mails were sent to a large selection of professors in 89 disciplines and 289 institutions The e-mails were from fictitious students expressing interest in a professor's research and asking for a short meeting during the student's visit to campus. The student names were chosen to suggest gender and race, such as Meredith Roberts and Raj Singh. A total of 6548 e-mails were sent to randomly selected professors.The result were that professors on average were more likely to reply to students with white male names than any other group. (E-mails were immediately sent to cancel any appointments with the fictitious students.) All e-mails were identical except ...

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