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Space Apps Dhaka

12 Apr 2015, 02:11 UTC
Space Apps Dhaka
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Space Apps Dhaka is clearly set up with the long view in mind. Tables were pre-assigned to teams who walked in, knew where they belonged, and got to work.
Teams chose challenges and submitted ideas in advance, and spent the first several hours of the hackathon ideating on those ideas and wireframing their projects. When they were ready to build, it was clear what they needed to do and how they needed to get it done. Mentors were assigned to groups of teams and had made their second set of rounds before lunch.

The leadership team is clearly focused on projects that can create actual impact and build real capacities. It’s exciting to see their view of Space Apps as a multi-year commitment instead of just a weekend hack. The team is committed to cultivating a long term ecosystem of innovation and incentivizing the development of inspired IT professionals who will support the growing technology needs of a nation soon to launch its first satellites.

As the event began, a number of young women in brightly colored dresses enthusiastically poured into the room. They were highly engaged and clearly very committed to what was ...

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