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Cosmic Diary

Meanwhile, Back on Earth…

16 Dec 2009, 07:39 UTC
Meanwhile, Back on Earth…
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…it’s time to get this party started!
Yesterday, three very tired WISE women carpooled home from Vandenberg, along with their friends and family. I was running on adrenaline, having gotten about three hours of sleep before the 3:30 a.m. launch wakeup call. That, a quick celebratory morning jump in the hotel hot tub, and a nice big shot of caffeine from the South Side Coffee Company in Lompoc did the trick to get us through the four hour drive home. Road trip!!
Amidst the email traffic, I did manage to get some beautiful pictures from the rollback of the mobile service tower the night before the launch from my colleague, Dr. James Fanson.
A beautiful sight.
Today began with our new daily 8 a.m. status meeting, during which we learn how the previous day’s events went, and what’s on tap for the day. Things are progressing amazingly smoothly; right now we’re doing a series of checkouts of the spacecraft’s attitude control system. No, that’s not the system that keeps it from having behavioral problems, but rather the combination of sensors and actuators that keep the telescope pointing in the right direction. Hmm, I guess you could characterize this as a ...

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