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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Relativity Denial: Career cost?

9 Mar 2015, 23:59 UTC
Relativity Denial: Career cost?
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Yet another comment whose response became too long for the Blogger comment system.From the comment stream of Pseudo-Astro: Black Holes and Other Relativity Denial:Ignoring GR/black hole theory does not harm future scientists and their studies of the stars. That is unless you can name me one example in which someone studied the stars, and their ignoring of GR/black holes has adversely affected their career?Seems to me their acceptance resembles the concept of God in seminary. Believe in them or you shall not pass! LOL! -Jeffrey Wolynski The importance of General Relativity in stellar evolution depends on the nature of the studies. Studies of stellar formation, which occupy the lower density regime of the stellar lifetime, might not have problems ignoring relativity. However, relativity impacts so many additional aspects of atomic physics (atomic absorption and emission in moving flows, etc), that someone who actively ignored the effects would have too many ideas that would just fail under rigorous testing. Before long, such researchers would get no funding because too many of their ideas would fail to match observations or experiments. A number of the real incompetents will claim that they're geniuses being victimized by conspiracies, etc. (Neurologica: Lessons from Dunning-Krueger). At ...

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