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Last Day on Earth

13 Dec 2009, 20:29 UTC
Last Day on Earth
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We are now less than 24 hours from launch.
The weather forecast says there is only a 20% chance of a scrub, although it does call for fog. So there is a definite possibility that we will be socked in with relatively poor visibility. That is pretty common here at Vandenberg, since the launch pad is literally only a few hundred feet from the ocean.
You have several options for viewing the launch. If you’re at Vandenberg, as I mentioned in my previous post, you can contact their public affairs office and they will give you directions to the viewing area. If you’re in Southern California, JPL is hosting a public launch-viewing event at the Lab in Pasadena. And of course, you can view the launch from anywhere either on NASA TV or on the web at nasa.gov/ntv. Everyone always thinks that rockets are launched by pushing some big red button, but now it’s just the click of a mouse that initiates the launch sequence. Isn’t that strange? I learned that from some United Launch Alliance folks I was talking to. Another little interesting fact about the WISE launch has to do with its solid rocket motors (the three ...

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