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Are There Multiple Universes?

8 Mar 2015, 11:50 UTC
Are There Multiple Universes?
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Question: Hi! I am from Salt Lake City Utah. I’m in the sixth grade and in middle school. Middle school is really amazing and I love it. But what I love about it the most is my science teacher. His name is Mr. Krause and he is the best. he is smart funny and explains stuff in the best way! Right now we are almost done with astronomy. We started talking about the universe and I asked him this question and got a good answer but I thought I could ask you and get an even better answer? Here it is: Could we be looking at the size of the universe the wrong way? Could the universe just be one HUGE galaxy and there are multiple universes just like there are galaxies? Perhaps one day one universe will collide with another just like galaxies in our own universe.
Thanks for reading my comment! Astronomy has always interested me along with many other things about our world and its history like the past cultures. Thanks again and I hope you understand what I am trying to say. – Kailey

Answer: That is really great that you have such an ...

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