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Women in Astronomy

Let's Talk about Street Harassment

4 Mar 2015, 19:09 UTC
Let's Talk about Street Harassment
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Trigger warning: The below includes explicit descriptions of street harassment and sexual assault.The issue of street harassment has gotten a bunch of attention in the media lately. According to stopstreetharassment.org:Gender-based street harassment is unwanted comments, gestures, and actions forced on a stranger in a public place without their consent and is directed at them because of their actual or perceived sex, gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Part of the problem with gender-based street harassment is that it rarely happens to women (or more generally people who are not masculine-presenting-cis-males) when they are being accompanied by men. Therefore this is a phenomenon that many men (who are not harassing people themselves) never witness.In response to the various videos and cartoons about this topic that have been circling the internet, I have recently had several conversations with men in my life about street-harassment. These men say they are surprised that this still happens "this day in age" or ask "but isn't it nice to get attention?" or "doesn't that make you feel attractive?"These same men were shocked when I shared the specifics of how street harassment has manifested itself in my life. Even though sharing these experiences is difficult for me, ...

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