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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

The Real Electric Universe: Inspired by Velikovsky?

24 Feb 2015, 00:29 UTC
The Real Electric Universe: Inspired by Velikovsky?
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I find myself with an annoying backlog of posts that are almost ready, along with a bit of "writer's block" on just how to complete them satisfactorily for posting. I'm also preparing some posts related to some inquiries in my comment stream, as well as some 'behind-the-scenes' upgrades to this effort.So for a while, I'm going repost and polish up some of the items that I contributed to the recently invigorated "Electric Comet" thread over at the International Skeptics Forum. That thread was rather quiet for a while as it topped 100 pages long, but has been continued in a new thread.In response to my noting that astronomers and space physicists DO consider electric fields in space (see 365 Days of Astronomy: The Electric Universe) there was one of the claims by the participant Haig which I had not seen before:Gee Tom, sounds like your trying to re-write Electromagnetism Space Science history.A major catalyst for independent re-consideration of electricity and magnetism in space came in 1950, with the publication of Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision. Mainstream at that time denied Electromagnetism in Space or ANY need for it.My original response to this claim is here (ISF), but in this post ...

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