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Future Directions in the Work-Family Equation

23 Feb 2015, 14:30 UTC
Future Directions in the Work-Family Equation
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An NPR blog by Maanvi Singh introduced me to an interesting article about gender equality in the workplace and home. It is by David Pedulla and Sarah Th├ębaud, faculty members at UT Austin and UC Santa Barbara, respectively. The article is titled "Can We Finish the Revolution? Gender, Work-Family Ideals, and Institutional Constraint" and published this year in the American Sociological Review.The authors performed a survey to address the question of how much gender-specific workplace cultures and policies determine the roles that men and women play in their households. Even when couples have gender-equality ideals, workplace constraints may force them to adopt traditional roles of men as the earner and women as the caregiver. The motivation for the study is to understand why the gender revolution has "stalled". More women are in the workforce, but are still highly underrepresented tin top positions. Examples given are that women make up only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs and 3% of members of Congress.The study was of young unmarried women and men aged 18 to 32. The participants were asked their preference for traditional roles (man - primary earner, woman - primary caregiver) vs egalitarian roles. They were asked to choose between these ...

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