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Christmas is coming?

11 Dec 2009, 07:35 UTC
Christmas is coming?
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When looking out from my window it doesn’t really look like Christmas is coming. I am from (very) northern Europe and a firm believer in white Christmas. The weather in southern Germany is currently very rainy and miserable. Still, one cannot avoid getting at least a bit into the Christmas mood. All our neighbours have plenty of Christmas decorations and all the supermarkets have been selling German Christmas cookies since October. And of course my children have several Christmas calenders and are every day counting how many days there are before Christmas Eve.

I have also lived in Canary Islands where even the winter is warm and sunny. There it was even more difficult to get to the correct mood than here in the rain. On La Palma the main problem for me was actually not the warm weather, but the too long days. Where I come from the days are really short around Christmas - I have even lived in a place where the Sun didn’t come above the horizon on Christmas Eve. And for me the darkness is part of the Christmas experience. It is nice to have all the Christmas lights and candles inside when it is ...

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