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Postdoc Parenting Work-Life Balance

11 Feb 2015, 19:30 UTC
Postdoc Parenting Work-Life Balance
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There's a koan in academia for when is the best time to have a kid:No time is the right time, all times are equally good (bad?)My husband is also a postdoc. We have a 9 month old. This is a glass half full kind of post, about how we've taken advantage of the flexible hours, the autonomy, and a few supportive policies to pursue parenting and work on our own(-ish) terms. The short of it is that at least one of us was home with our daughter full time until she turned 4 months old and at least one of us continues to be home with her four days a week. Here's how we do it:Family leave:I took 6 weeks paid maternity leave + vacation/holiday time to reach 3 months paid leave total. My husband took 2 months paid leave (whoohoo NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship paternity leave!). We offset our leave so that one of us could be home with our daughter until she turned 4 months old (i.e., I took months 1, 2, and 4, my husband took months 1 and 3). Granted, other countries are way ahead of us on this, but we feel so lucky to have had ...

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