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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Pseudo-Astro: Black Holes and Other Relativity Denial

9 Feb 2015, 00:04 UTC
Pseudo-Astro: Black Holes and Other Relativity Denial
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Stuart Robbins @ Exposing PseudoAstronomy has a recent podcast on relativity denial. Check out:Podcast Episode 125: The Black Hole ConspiracyIn this podcast, he covers the mis-information distributed by various individuals on the existence (or non-existence) of black holes.General relativity has always been a rather popular topic on this blog, especially combined with Biblical geocentrism. A number of the threads receive a lot of viewing traffic, but that appears to be predominantly from 'fanboys' of some particular claim or claimant stalking the thread for traffic.I do get a large number of comments on the topic of relativity, but many are posted under radically different topical posts which makes them more like spam. I'm reluctant to release them on the off-topic posts since some cranks subsequently insist on posting page-after-page of cut-n-pasted content in these off-topic threads. I usually just mine those comments for possible topics for future posts.One of the recent off-topic comments in a post stated:"It's a fallacy that GPS needs relativity. Hell, GPS doesnt even need a CLOCK on the receiver!! One simple implementation of GPS needs a few geostationary satelites that send out signals at the same time, from that the reciever can easily calculate the distance from ...

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