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Out To Launch

8 Dec 2009, 23:20 UTC
Out To Launch
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Here we go.
My palms are starting to sweat.
We just did our dress rehearsal for the L-2 press conference, and calls from reporters are starting to filter in. We’re so close now. It’s clear skies today at Vandenberg Air Force Base, although that’s unlikely to last. The weather models indicate a decent-sized storm heading our way. So it’s possible we could be delayed by the weather - we’ll just have to see what happens. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the ride!
If you’d like to watch the launch live but can’t make it out to Vandenberg, there will be a live video feed as well as a twitter account. If you’re interested in seeing the launch in person, come on down to Lompoc, California and give the folks at the Vandenberg public affairs office a ring at (805) 606-3595 during the daytime, and (805) 606-9961 in the evening. They’re extremely helpful and friendly, and they’ll give you the info on how to get here and where to go to view the launch. Bring warm clothes and an umbrella - it’s cold!

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