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Women in Astronomy

AASWOMEN Newsletter for January 30, 2015

30 Jan 2015, 17:54 UTC
AASWOMEN Newsletter for January 30, 2015
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AAS Committee on the Status of WomenIssue of January 30, 2015eds: Daryl Haggard, Nicolle Zellner, Meredith Hughes, & Elysse VoyerThis week's issues:1. Lessons from Women's Safety Initiatives in South Asia 2. Negotiating a Single Tenure Track Offer 3. AAS Council Elections4. L’Oréal USA for Women in Science Fellowship Program 5. Science Says Teams Work Better When They’re Mostly Women 6. Super-Gifted Boys Choose Higher-Powered, Higher-Paying Careers Than Female Peers 7. 100% of the women of color interviewed in STEM study experienced gender bias8. Slowing down in academia: Is it worth the risk? I say yes.9. Reasons You were not Promoted That are Totally Unrelated to Gender10. Where are the women at Davos?11. How to Submit to the AASWomen Newsletter12. How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the AASWomen Newsletter13. Access to Past Issues of the AASWomen Newsletter-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Lessons from Women's Safety Initiatives in South Asia From: Neil Gehrels via womeninastronomy.blogspot.comThere is an interesting article in the January issue of the Harvard Magazine on women's safety in South Asia that got me thinking about broader implications. The article was written by Rohini Pande, a public policy professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, and is titled "Keeping Women Safe".We have all seen the ...

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