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IYA2009 Grand Finale in Kobe — Day 2

7 Dec 2009, 14:51 UTC
IYA2009 Grand Finale in Kobe — Day 2
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Star party at IYA2009 Grand Finale in Kobe
The second day of IYA2009 Grand Finale was targeted to general public, and was held at Hyogo Chuoroudo Center. I had three roles there. The first one was to have a talk show with the writer, Michiko Ryo, on the fascination of the Universe under the theme of “Leap to space”. We talked on Universe, in relation with ocean and archaeology. My second role was to collect messages to be delivered to Venus onboard the Venus Climate Orbiter “Akatsuki”. Among a number of heart-warming messages, I found an odd one saying “I will invade Venus” — the one written during my absence by Dr. Black Star, the famous villain of nearby Akashi Municipal Planetarium. The third role was to participate in the ending show to briefly introduce the video letter from astronaut Wakata and the pennant with IYA2009 logo that was flown to space with him. After the event, we moved to nearby elementary school to join the star party hosted by local star gazers. We enjoyed watching Jupiter, Pleiades, Albireo, and double cluster.
Message to Venus by Dr. Black Star

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