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Super-TIGER on the Ice

Tunnel and IceCube Tours: January 10-11, 2015

11 Jan 2015, 09:24 UTC
Tunnel and IceCube Tours: January 10-11, 2015
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Saturday morning I slept in a bit, and then went into the elevated station. After staring a load of laundry, Sean and I went out to the Cargo office to start the process of shipping the SIP back to the LDB facility at McMurdo, where it can be packed for the trip back to Texas. We ran into Dana at this point, and then headed back inside to the warmth of the elevated galley. After lunch, I went to medical to see the doctor. I’d managed to get a sliver from the plywood door of my room in the hypertat stuck in my palm and didn’t have a tweezers, but the doctor was able to get it out easily. I spent more time explaining the plan for SuperTIGER recovery and the science of SuperTIGER than I did getting the splinter out. The afternoon was pretty quiet—nothing particularly exciting happened.After dinner, Sean and I met up with Mike the plumber, who had been in McMurdo two years ago (and apparently remembered the talk I gave in Crary Lab) and at the Pole last year, where he got to know Thomas and JohnE. Mike took us along on a “plumbing inspection” of ...

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